Technical Specifications

ItemMagister FeaturesFunctionality

  • Fully web-based dynamic platform

  • Virtually limitless SQL Server-based backend

A modern platform that assures technical integrity and a scale-able, flexible and customizable platform.
User Interface & Home PageSimple-to-use interface for user and individualized home pages combine to create a customized approach and consistency across all applicationsBrand each application to present their own "look and feed"; individualized home pages enhances utilization; user-friendly designs
Curriculum Management ToolTool manages each user's own curriculum; intuitive design allows for easy check on status of each assignment (assigned, in-progress, complete, acknowledge); sequences activities in order of completion Trouble-free design assures immediate engagement with the system
CommunicationsEmail Communication or users, mangers, and administratorsAlerts, reminders, notifications through email
TrackingComplete tracking and reporting of all user selections and activities; customizable and standard reports available Tracking to meet all home office and field management needs
Administrative ManagementEach function is administered through and easy-to-use "template" tool; each tool is graded at 3 levels of complexity; access available through "back door" for clientUser-friendly administrative function designed to give client access as needed; degree of administrative transfer up to client
SurveyingCustomizable communication channel (Q&A, FAQ, Company communiques) and feedback toll including 360 surveys, user feedback, peer reviews, etc.Flexibility in ways to communicate with users, managers and administrators;
AssessmentsFull range of question types (multiple choice, T/F,fill-in, etc.);may also use case study simulation assessments. Test for recall an application of information
EventsComplete events management with attendance tracking, self-enrollment, automated waiting lists, notifications and reportingBring any external event or class into the system to have a convenient, centralized transcript.
SecurityLogin with active secure session, customizable credentials, timeouts, security notifications, domain-cased content separation, SSO integration, data encryption, and multiple backups. Modern system and data treatment
ComplianceChapter 21 CFR Part 11, ISO 9000, audit trails with complete reporting, flexible setting and configurations Conforms to latest regulations to provide solid compliance support to your organization