Clear away the clutter that makes handling a learning management system so daunting.
Magister represents a fresh new approach.

Build a system that fits. Magister LMS Presents a fresh new approach

The Magister LMS is an online SaaS platform, which means clients do not need to worry about infrastructure (we own and maintain the hardware and software), software updates (these are transparent to users), or management (IT and/or LMS administration headcounts). With our concierge service, we address all aspects of day-to-day LMS operations and support, including roster management, content production and publishing, assignments and notifications, and tracking and reporting, ultimately providing a full helpdesk solution to guide and support users in all their activities.

Moreover, Magister is a unique, flexible LMS that allows for customization of branding, layout, and content organization. In addition to supporting all industry standards for automatically importing and publishing content, Magister offers a built-in authoring solution through which clients can quickly and inexpensively create and publish content in several different ways—via easy-to-use, pre-built Excel or PowerPoint templates, or by using the full power of the authoring environment directly in the system. This facilitates the production of virtually any type of course, assessment, survey, event, and documentation asset, thereby meeting a range of organizational needs.

Finally, Magister’s unique design and implementation make the platform a rare type of solution that can serve organizations of any size and seamlessly grow with each client, from small, vertical businesses to large, worldwide corporations.

Build a system that fits. Experience Illuminate. Experience Magister® LMS.